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Foam Boxes


10lb foam or fish box


10lb foam or fish box


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44lb foam or fish box



Newdon Industries Ltd.

Moulders and fabricators of expandable polystyrene (sometimes referred to as "styrofoam"). We supply insulated foam boxes to the food processing industry and also design and make prototypes for custom packaging.

Our fabrication department produces anything from intricate packs to simple foam pads. We also design and build our own tooling for shape moulding. Our ability to mould, wirecut, and fabricate means that our customers always receive the most economical method for protecting their products.

These are just some of the industries that use our products: Pharmaceutical, Bio-Med, Frozen Food, Consumer Products, Industrial Instruments, Hazardous Materials, Picture Frames.


:) Our Mission Statement :)
To become extremely wealthy while providing our customers with the most efficient and effective products at competitive prices.

started Nov 21st/2001

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